Zip View Pro App Reviews

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Poor UI

I would expect more view options. Application is slow. the “WinZip for Mac” is a better choice.

good app

Need new update os 10.10

Does not work, don’t buy this

This has not been maintained. Last update was in 2013. I wanted to get a zip viewer. I have valid zip files that will decode and view with Apple Quicklook. But Quicklook won’t drop down into the sub folders. I purchased this to hopefully be able to view deeper into the zip file. It would not recognize the valid and good zip files I have on my drive that I can unzip and view with Apple’s built in tools. So I know the zip files are good, hence the problem is this software does not work. I’m running on Yosemite on a MacPro. This should work, but I think the developer has abandoned this effort and the tool is not good past whatever was done in 2013. Don’t waste your money if you’re using new OS’es.

Don’t usually write reviews. I felt compelled to; this is terrible.

As a developer, I can’t image the process that went into the UI design of this app, which, oddly enough, would be forgivable if the application actually WORKED. All the archives I’ve checked and confirmed working with other programs don’t work with this one. They are claimed to be “corrupt” by this program. Waste of 5 dollars.

Easy drag and drop unzipping

I have to use encrypted zip files in my work and being able to drag a zipped file into the app and then drag the file out and being prompted to enter the password is so EASY! I love it. Much easier than similar solutions on my Windows 7 machine. Thank you for writing a great app.

not as good as it sounds

: ( can't either open or review .jar file. want the refund!!!

Great App

I used this to unzip a very large Zipped PC backup file of over 150gb, and was able to pull out the exact documents I needed without downloading or unzipping the full file off of my external hard drive. Very please, and saved so much time with its ease of use. Great app and was well worth the price. Thanks!

Not for zipx software

I purchased this because it was supposed to unzip zipx. It doesn't work and tech support has not responded to my requests. Look somewhere else if you need to unzip an zipx file. Not Satisified

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